The Top 5 Hotel Room Ab Exercises

Ask anyone wanting to exercise on their travels how to work their abs, and 90% of people will tell you to do crunches or sit ups in your hotel room.

While these 2 exercises will give you ‘the burn’ that most people associate with working the stomach, they are pretty near useless if you’re looking to shed fat from around the waist and stomach area.

What’s the point in developing stronger muscles if they’re still blanketed under a layer of business travel fat?

Do you want to get smart and work your abs with every exercise you do, while burning a lot of body fat in the process? Then listen up….

I’m going to give you my top 5 ab exercises that will burn the most fat in minimal time.

First up I like ‘Wallclimbers’. These involve adopting a push up position on the toes, bringing one knee in at a time towards the waist, as you keep one leg straight and brace the abs. You keep the body completely still as you move the legs back and forth. This way you work your abs, butt, shoulders, arms and thighs. Not bad for an ab exercise!

My second favourite is the ‘Spider Climb’ – again, adopting a push up position, this time bringing one knee at a time out towards the same side elbow. Keeping the abs engaged and body straight this works into the abs, the obliques (the sides of the waist), the inner thigh, the outer butt and the shoulders and arms. Once more, maximum fat burn and ab workout in just one move. 분당풀싸롱

Third I like to use ‘Prisoner Squats’ – hands behind the head, as if you’ve just been arrested. Keeping the abs tight and the chest lifted, you come down into a squat, sitting back through the hips. Hands behind the head force your abs to stay engaged and stop you tipping forward. This is a surprisingly hard exercise to do, but it works the entire body in a matter of seconds – perfect for a quick hotel room workout with no equipment.

At number 4 we have the old school push up. One the toes, body straight, abs braced, lowering down towards the floor through the shoulders and arms. The stiffer your body stays the more your abs get worked. This could quite possibly be the best ab and upper body exercise you can do on the road and it can be done in a hotel room of any size.



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